frequently asked questions


What is a coach?

As a coach, my role is to support you on your journey toward greater well-being. I encourage, exhort, and shed an objective light on what could be lurking beneath the surface. A wellness coach can help you create the vision and establish the structure to live in your fullest potential. Together, we co-create a plan of action after evaluating your current reality and identifying where you envision change. I don't have the answers ... you do! We'll unleash them together through heartfelt conversations, reflections, assessments, homework, and support.

What can I expect from coaching?

Coaching is for the woman who is ready to make changes and invest in herself. Taking the leap and hiring a coach is an investment of both time and resources, but it's truly some of the most important and best money ever spent. Wellness is a precious commodity as it affects everything in your daily life. Our sessions are client-centered, which means they're all about you. You'll set the direction and the pace as we take a look at your current reality and co-create a tailored plan for the future.

What is a functional medicine health coach?

Functional Medicine Health Coaches help clients bridge the gap between inaction and action when it comes to making lifestyle changes that are attainable and sustainable. I received my certification from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA). This program is the only program in collaboration with the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) — a leader in education, training, and clinical practice in functional medicine. Together, we work on modifying lifestyle practices, habits and aligning your life with your values and future vision. We'll take a holistic approach to design a life you love. 

What is an IFS-informed coach?

Internal Family Systems is a dynamic model for therapy created by Dr. Richard Schwartz. Though a secular model, IFS is fully digestible within faith traditions (for women who adhere to the Christian tradition, I highly suggest the book Altogether You by Jenna Riemersma). As an IFS-Informed Coach, I offer to take my clients into an exploration of their various "parts," which are the unique aspects of our personalities. Often, when it comes to lifestyle habits and practices, a part of us wants to do one thing while another part of us wants to do something different. For instance, we may want to eat healthy while another part of us wants to do the opposite and eat the whole bag of cookies. Incorporating elements of IFS into our sessions will give you greater awareness as you seek to bring more balance into your life. Not only is this model something I continue to utilize in my own life under the guidance of my IFS practitioner, but it has deepened my spiritual life and continues to bring about transformation. 

What topics do we tackle during coaching?

I'll champion and rally for you while you discover balance and alignment across core dimensions of your life: the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and environmental. I believe all of these elements are interconnected, woven together, and where one informs the other. We'll address modifiable lifestyle factors such as nourishment, movement, sleep, environment, self-care, stress reduction, soul-care and spiritual practices, and relationships. Using foundational elements of functional medicine, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and positive psychology, my coaching approach weaves between my clients' internal and external worlds as we explore these domains together. 

How long can I expect it to take before we start coaching?

During our discovery session, we'll be able to assess if we're a good fit for one another. If so, you can expect our coaching to begin within 7-14 days.

Why the six-session, three-month program?

Implementing new rhythms and creating sustainable changes in our lives takes time. Meeting every other week for three months is the best way to serve you and is necessary to make your long-term goals a reality.

How are our coaching sessions scheduled?

During our foundation session, you'll choose your preferred day and time you'd like to meet regularly.

How much is the Pono Program?

My current offering of coaching services is $510, which may be paid as a one-time payment or monthly installments.

What if I decide to cancel my coaching agreement?

If you believe the coaching program is not working as desired, please communicate this with me to take action to modify the program. If you decide to cancel and terminate the coaching agreement, please provide a 10-day notice via email before your next scheduled session. You will receive a refund for the months of the program yet to be fulfilled.